How the enrollment process works

• Kids Like Languages arranges with a school to offer a before- or after-school class. 

• We provide a Class Enrollment Flyer that is sent home—where schools allow—with students in the First Day Packet, with the principal’s newsletter, or in the parent information packet. Or you may find the Class Schedule on the school web site. 

• In Beaverton schools, after-school class providers including Kids Like Languages are limited to having Enrollment Flyers on a community table or display at each school; please look for the Kids Like Languages flyer. 

• Parents complete the Online Enrollment or the On Paper Enrollment Form on this website. The fee can be paid by credit/debit card or by check payable to Kids Like  Languages.

• Kids Like Languages mails, emails or phones an enrollment confirmation to the student before the class begins.


No bring-home enrollment flyer? 

• Some schools do not allow enrichment class flyers to be provided to students to take home.

• Check your school’s web site for a class schedule. Or call Kids Like Languages at 503.658.1980. We can tell you if a class is available at your child’s school. In Beaverton schools, the school community table may have our enrollment flyer. 


You can enroll your child if:

• The school offers a Kids Like Languages class. If your child’s school does not offer a class, check with us to see if we can add a class at the school.

• The class has an opening. (Our classes have a maximum of 20 students.) 

• Classes have not yet begun. (If classes have begun, your child may join the class if they have had previous experience with the language to match the class level.)